About  Me

Hey there - Welcome to my blog!


My name is Josie (as you probably gathered from my creative blog title). I am a 25 year old NHS Doctor currently living in Hull, England with my boyfriend Dan.

I started this blog mainly as a creative outlet, but also as yet another way to procrastinate from studying whilst at medical school...  My main goal is to share tasty vegan recipes, travelling experiences and tips, how I stay healthy and the semi-interesting things I do in my day to day life. 

Here's a few random facts to get to know me a little better :

  • I was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to England aged 3

  • I am currently working as a junior doctor and would love to become a surgeon in the future.

  • My favourite TV shows include Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, basically any binge-worthy series I'll have probably watched it.

  • My all time favourite colour is orange (if that wasn't already obvious)

  • I love listening to music and going to gigs, my favourite bands include While She Sleeps, PUP, and Sorority Noise.